Momentum Health Dual Cross National series #2

So super stoke to be part of the Momentum Health Dual Cross National Series again.  I had a blast last year racing the series.  Was really bleak I missed the first one but glad I got to race the second event in Pretoria “buffelsdrift”.  I had a really big training block leading up to this event.  I just wanted to use this event as a tester too see where my form is at.  I have been working really hard on my running so this was really a good test for me.


I had a bit of bad luck leading up to the race.  A week before the race I tore my calf on the track.  As a athlete when one get an injury it really hit you big time.  I really knew I need to be patient and let it heal before my race.  I really Trusted God for healing.  Everyday it was better by Thursday I was running with no pain.  I was really stoked and there was a big smile on my face.  Sometimes we just need to let go and let God.


Setting up in transition is always so exciting.  Making sure everything will run smoothly when I come in after the first run while my heart rate are so hight that I can’t even see straight.  No really I keep on forgetting how hard a Duathlon is.  Well when its not hearing you ant going hard enough.


Getting the stoke levels up with the new Mumford and Sons Album “Wilder Mind” Like I always say music is food for the soul.  Was standing on the start line with a beat.  Thats one way to get the nerves down and the stoke up. 🙂

IMG_6339 My mom run up to the start line and gave me a big fat sloppy kiss about 5min before the start.  There is only one that will do that and I love her dearly.  My hero, my mom.


As always the start is crazy.  When that gun goes its flat out like a lizard drinking as the Aussies say.  in about halfway I starting to feel my calve again so pulled a bit back. I really didn’t wanted to hurt it again so just taped off the pace a bit.  Into T1 3rd place with second place holding on to. We got the word that Conrad Stoltz the “Cave Man” pulled out due to a calf injury.   Renier Grobler  and I rode together for the first km then after that I picked up the pace and rode him off my wheel.  Brand had 30sec on my and was chasing really hard.  The cap stayed the same for a long time. After a good opening bike leg I was feeling really good.  Then I was starting to hit the wall big time!!!! hahah was really broken then that 30sec stretched to 2min after the bike.


doesn’t matter how broken I was I still had a lot of fun hitting the single tracks.  There was one called “supper tube” really had a lot of fun riding it. So nice an flowing with some sick burms. Had some flat out foot out moments but great fun.  I really wish there was a photo of me in the end of that trail. I was really like a little boy with a big smile on my face.  Look in the end of the day its all about having fun.  I had a ball!!! 🙂


By the time the second run came I knew I had a big gap on 3rd “Nico Sterk”, so I really just jogged the last 2.5km trying to save my calf.  I was happy with the result ending second to the best Duathlete in South Africa Brand Du Plessis I can deal with that but I am coming for him. 🙂


Happy boy, so nice to have my family supporting me all the way.

IMG_6346 (1)

Shearing my race with the SuperSport crew, Praise the Lord for healing my calf so I could race and do well also doing what I love.  In the end of the day its not about winning or coming second. the juerny that one is taking to get to ones dream make it worthwhile.  I always say it will never be easy, but for you to get the most out of you, you have to take big hits and keep moving forward. So do what you love and never give up when its starting to get hard.  Grab the bull by the horns and say lets dance!!!!


It was my brother in laws 30th birthday and as you can see from my Mom and step dad that when all out!!! Love them so much!!!


I went as Matthew McConaughey HA HA HA I had to pull something off. It was a really blessed weekend. Now its back to training and next ups is the big 5 in Knysna.

Have a stunning week and remember keep it in the big blade.



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