2013 Xterra Grabouw Tomorrow

My feelings going in to Xterra Grabouw.

All the best to everybody racing tomorrow.

Have fun and keep it in the Big Blade!!! 🙂


Ride the rock Video

I just had to go back and get this crazy ride on my GoPro!

Saturday training at Hartebeespoort Dam

To spend the weekend in Harties is always nice! I have lots of fun on the MTB and I get to spend some time with the family.

My bike set for today was a 3hrs with 10x5min @ 315 watts on a hill. I really had so much fun on the bike this morning and took some cool photos with my GoPro which makes it possible for you to see what I get up to on weekend like this.

First thing, The hill where I was doing the set, was actually some guy’s drive way! It was perfect for 5min, some crazy switch back. Loved it!

At around number four I saw that there was a single track going in to the bush and dropping down. So I used that as my rest, it was the best recovery in the world: A Steep and Rocky single track… what’s not to like?

After my set I still had 1hr30 left to ride. I found this “so called” road and it went all the way up the mountain. It was so loose with rocks and sand which made it really hard to climb. About half way to the top I lost the “road” so I just made my own track.

This is the crocodile river that runs into the Hartebeespoort Dam. I am sure you will find a lot of “Mamalody trout” in there. This is the reason why I didn’t swim there, the crocs I can handle but those “Mamalody trout” … now way.

After that crazy decent, where the rocks just followed me down the mountain, I made my way to one of my best climbs here at the dam. It’s about 3km long but SO steep with a lot of loose rocks and moving at almost 3km per hour at some parts. Here you can see the road going up, yes that’s where I am heading… all the way to the top.

The view from the top…..

All pimped out in my new PVM green kit and Oakley green jawbones.

Loving my CycleOps MTB power tap. It makes my training worth it.

After my ride I did and 30min Trail run off the bike and that was it for the day.

Tonight we braai!!!

Until I blog again

Keep in the big blade