2017 Xterra Graanbouw



2016 Xterra Denmark Race Report


Rule number one: Keep the stoke high.



2016 Xterra Poland Race Report


Xterra Poland Pre-Race interview


Momentum Health DUAL CROSS Series #1

During 3 weeks of no training and I get a phone call from Team Jeep asking me If I will race the Momentum Health Dual cross series for them. My response was sure I am in. One would think that I should start training but I still had 1 week left of rest so i couldn’t do any training. However I continued stocking up on antioxidants, by this I mean red wine which is apparently good for the heart. Maybe one glass not a bottle though?

After my 3 week hibernation, on doctors orders, it was time to go on the hunt again. Do what I do best, GRIND! At first I felt like an oversize buffalo but after a week of training the buffalo felt pretty good! I had one week of training and one week of tapering. Going into the race I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew is that I was going to suffer and that’s not a bad thing, I love to suffer. Legs on fire, tasting blood and hurting like hell, whats not to like?

Team Jeep really did an amazing job setting me up for the series so a big thanks to them for the opportunity.

The race plan was not to over do it on the first run, hit the bike really hard and then just hold on for the next run. Well somehow the plan worked!


Early morning interview with Carel!


Amazing shot with the sun coming up over me while I am setting up in transition. Oh yeah check out that bad boy! Specialized S-Works World cup Epic.


I knew that first run was going to be very hard but didn’t think it was going to be that hard! I wasn’t joking about the ‘tasting blood’ part! I lost so much time on the first run I came in to T1 in about 10th place! On the run I was just thinking get me on to the bike right now! I knew there was a lot of work to be done.


Out of T1! check out my Supacaz green and yellow grips! Rocking the neon’s!


I don’t know how or what but FedEx delivered my biking legs just on time. Man did I feel good on that bike, I was passing one by one, it wasn’t long before I was in second!


I raced with my PowerTap and it really helped me a lot so I didn’t over do it on the climbs.
I knew from training if I go over 400 watts I am going to blow up and am not even going to see the end of the bike leg never mind the run. So I just kept it at 400 watts and on the flat over 300 watts. For those of you that don’t know watts, go Google it! 🙂


Back into the transition and I was broken but just had to hang in there for the 2.5km run! I started cramping big time but I kept pushing! There was a bit of a confusing part of the second run so we all bunched up and we were a couple of guys who ended up sprinting for second! I had nothing left but I ended up 4th in the end of the day.


I am very happy with 4th with only 2 weeks of training in the legs. I am sure I will just get faster as the series goes on. Thanks again to Team Jeep for all the support!

Until I blog again, stay on the hunt and remember always keep it in the big blade!

“Anything that is
worth while does not
come easy” Theo Blignaut