DNF at 2013 Xterra Grabouw

One of the things that I absolutely love about Xterra Grabouw is the red couch that they interview the pros on that they plonk on the beach. It is just so incongruous and cool and has really become a fixture in the race.


In the distance.

Xterra Grabouw was supposed to be my most important race this year. I have pretty much been training for it since I returned from Germany last year. I was so ready and keen for the race, but then about one month before the race I came down with a nasty flu that kept me from racing Xterra Buffelspoort and since then I was just really struggling through training and not feeling good at all. I was feeling okay doing easy stuff, but as soon as I needed to push a bit harder I just had nothing to give.

I went into Grabouw hoping that it would just all come together on race day, but in my swim warm up I just felt like a rock. When the race started and I started to feel even worse I knew it was going to be a long day.
During the first part of the bike I felt dizzy and I was getting strange pins and needles in my limbs and I knew that if I pushed on the day might end like it did last year at Buffelspoort – on the ground.

2012 Buffelspoort.

It was very tough to pull out of the race. That is just not like me at all. But it was the right thing to do.

It was still nice to spend some time there and to watch the race. Oh my goodness, but did the guys put on a show! Conrad came into T2 with a 40sec lead on Richard Murray and Richard then passed him on the run. But Conrad continued to run well and held on for second place.
Richard’s performance was truly world class.


The top 3 was Richard and Conrad, followed by Dan. Sadly, Conrad was then disqualified as he had unintentionally run last years route which had a slight change in it. He handled the DQ like the true gentleman and champion that he is. I have huge respect for this boereseun.


I am also so proud of Robyn who did her first Xterra on one of the hardest Xterra courses in the world. Well done Robs!


These past few weeks have been incredibly hard and frustrating – not knowing what is really wrong with me and not getting better.
I don’t know what my plans are going forward, but one thing is for certain and that is that I am not giving up. I will keep on pushing on.

Stuart Marais with his boy Luke.


God has said that He will never leave nor forsake me and I trust Him. I know that there is a way.

Thank you for all your support and prayers. You know who you are 🙂

My focus for now is just to get better and to be able to train again.

Thank you Stillwater Sports for this world class event!

Thanks to Cherie Vale for all the amazing photos and and also to the awesome Stillwater Sports media team.

Keep it in the big blade!:-)