2017 Xterra Buffelspoort



Momentum Health Oatwell DUAL CROSS #4

I have had a month with really good training and have been hitting high numbers on my #PowerTap, showing some great form. I was so hungry to race, and race hard!

I love racing at Van Gaalens Cheese Farm with really cool single track there, it can also be a hard route but for this race it was flat and fast.


Loved having my hero there (my Mom) this woman is just amazing. What she has done for me I cannot describe in words.


Last prep before the gun goes off!


Getting in the zone, game face with my Oakley Radarlock. That first 5 km is so fast and hard but honestly I don’t go all out on the first run and keep just under my threshold. When I jump on the bike I recover faster and then I go all out on the bike.


Starting this race is like watching a horse race, once that gun goes, man, it’s crazy going to get in to the single track first.


I had these 2 youngsters running with me the whole way. Was good to run with them, we got into transition in about 5th place. I knew I would ride away from them in the first 5km though.


At about halfway on to the bike Phillip Buys bridged the gap with me and went for it on the one climb. I let him go because I knew if I tried to go with him I would blow up like a science project gone wrong. I knew there was a long fast flat after that and if there is one thing I can do really well is push a big gear on the flats. After time trialing my way back to Philip I said to myself there is no way he is going to ride away from me now. The mind is an amazing thing as I managed to ride with him all the way to T2. Look I have to be honest it wasn’t easy, my legs were burning like a bon fire but I kept going. Here is a really cool photo they got of us crossing the river at full speed.


Into T2 and by the look of my face you can see I am pretty much in the box there. I left it all out on the bike so the legs were cramping big time. But I only had 2.5km left and I was saying to myself that I can win!


I was broken but really happy to come in second again and to finish second in the series. Brand was really amazing and he did show great form during the entire series. Very well done to him.


At the end of the day if I look back on how the race went I was really happy. Was so stoked to stick with Philip and ride with him, that was a really good confidence booster to see all the hard work I have put into my biking beginning to show.

Thanks so much to Team Jeep for bringing me into the team for this series, it was great to be part of the team.

‘Til I blog again. Keep it in the big blade!

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